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Food Styling Services for Film, Web, TV and Print

Beautiful, Appealing Foods Styled by a Professional Chef

Food Styling Services Available in Tampa, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Vancouver, and Toronto, Canada.

Chef Cristian Feher food stylist in Tampa Florida.

About The Food Styling Chef

Cristian Feher (based in Tampa, FL) is not only a sought after food stylist, but he is also a professional Red Seal chef with over 15 years of food industry experience in Canada and the US .  Before he was a chef, he worked as a photographer and producer, who designed digital media.

His talent and experience as a professional chef, along with his background in production and digital media, makes him an ideal food stylist, who has the skills to manipulate and sculpt foods to the specs of his clients needs. And because of his relevant background, he also has an understanding of the production world, and can work and communicate effectively within that environment.

The Food Styling Chef, has over a decade of experience working with film studios, television studios, production companies, marketing companies, and advertising agencies to create beautiful looking, appealing, food products. We look forward to working on your next project!

Below, you will find videos showing our food styling in action, and you will also see a list of our satisfied clients.

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